A Work from home job can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but when a relationship at home isn’t working, it can be even harder to manage running your own business.  Pent up frustrations and all-out brawls can hinder creativity and hamper your energy for work.  How can you manage the challenges of a home business while surviving a troubled relationship?  Read on to learn a few tips for making it work. Husband and wife are not seeing eye to eye leading to conflict while having work at home

Give it Time 

Time heals all wounds as they say – even emotional ones, so the first thing you have to do is to recognize that it takes time to be in good terms again. It doesn’t happen overnight; both of you should consider that giving space and understanding the situation in a different view will help. No matter how much you still love each other, the hurting will still affect your treatment of one another. But with the fact that this too shall pass, and everything will be back to its proper place is good thinking to feeling better as you go along the journey.  

Be Professional About It 

Next is to put a boundary between your professional and personal life. No matter how bad you feel towards each other, your business should not suffer. Quarreling should not negatively affect your day to day life and your career. Set a room in the house where you label it as your workroom and should be argument-free. Treat it as an office where personal baggage should be left behind the moment you set foot in that room.  In this room, you can be civil to one another, thus not affecting your business and career in a negative way. You should never combine work with personal affairs, it will hurt either the business or your personal relationship. Though there are times that even how hard you try to suppress your feelings of anger and disappointment you’re still irritated, before you speak up or communicate with your partner, always calm yourself, think rationally and if what you are about to say would impact the business negatively, then try to hold your thoughts for a while and reword it better so you can get your ideas across and have a more positive approach. 

Make Amends 

Make sure to allot time to regularly check-in to handle your personal issues.  Digging your head in the ground attending to your home business and forgetting all relationship woes can be an attractive alternative to the gritty work of dealing with your problems. However, it is important that you schedule a certain time of day or week to ensure you continue personal communication in addition to the work you do together for the good of your company. Don’t just consume your time putting your full focus to your home business but also make time to amend your personal affairs. Simple gestures may help to ease tensions with your partner; a simple “I made us some sandwiches” or even “Want to have a quick breather and just talk?” may improve the situation between you and your partner. 

Look at the Bright Side 

Last but not the least, develop respect for each other as co-workers. It may be hard for you to live together with your husband and work at home together while you are not on good terms but it is also important to think about his good traits as a person, as an employee, and as a co-worker. Learn to always look at the brighter side of everything. When you have an optimistic view, it will not just help in seeing the best in someone’s personality but also may positively affect work. With positive energy around your work area, positive things and creative juices will flow unconditionally too. If you have a competitive partner, it can also mean that they will definitely hate losing in terms of productivity. This can become a driving force for both of you to exude your best and have a positive outcome for your business. Respect is a big word and entails a lot of effort to earn it but will bear fruit that will last long once you have it. When respect is given and is earned, eventually the things that happened in the past that affected you negatively will soon turn into a driving force for you to become better, personally, and professionally. 

All relationships go through rough patches, and they can be hard to manage in addition to the stress of a home business.  But I tell you, with dedication and cooperation, you and your partner can manage your relationship woes and still be successful in working from home. And this must start with you.  

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