Why Teaching Your Kids About Business Early On is a Good Thing

Smiling confident kids ready to engage in business early

We’ve heard of successful young entrepreneurs and how their simple discoveries and inventions changed their life. The fact that some of them were already groomed by their parents to take on a business approach rather than having an employee’s perspective is quite surprising. Some business owners expose their children to their businesses while they’re still young, this is more evident for those who run family businesses. Groomed to be how they want to be or […]

Are Online Classes Better for Our Kids?

Student taking notes during their online class

The lack of an effective vaccine against the pandemic drove education to adopt a new way of learning. Although online learning is nothing new, it is the first time that the education systems will be shifting to it. Kids would be excited with the fact that they don’t have to wake up early and not go through traffic and think that they would be able to do something else like playing while having classes. Most […]

The Best Strategy to Fight Against Bullying

boy sitting alone on the floor and hugging his knees

With a balanced self-esteem, your child will not only turn out to be confident, they will also be able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and still feel great about themselves. A healthy self-esteem also prevents them from feeling intimidated when someone tries to bully them. Children who bully others are looking for someone who will respond to their painful and disturbing words and actions. Kids who are weak, shy and lack confidence are the […]

Character Traits to Teach Your Kids

Children playing with water on the kiddie pool. Naturally developing character traits through play

Since time, parents always strive to protect their children. But as they grow and develop their own independence, there comes a point where we have to let go and allow them to begin to control their own lives and deal with their own problems. One way that a parent can help them to do this successfully is by teaching them certain values and personality traits. It makes them emotionally intelligent and confident enough to cope […]

Emotions You Feel When A Loved One Is Addicted to Drugs

Half face woman under black umbrella on a rainy night

When you found out that a family member was using prohibited drugs, how did you react to the situation? Did you speak to them on the risks of drug abuse? Did you lash out and cry? Or were you so stunned that you did not know what to do? It’s normal to experience a variety of extreme feelings and have plenty of concerns. Anyone who is in this type of situation can feel mixed emotions, […]