Work from Home and Relationship Woes: Making it Work

A Work from home job can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but when a relationship at home isn’t working, it can be even harder to manage running your own business.  Pent up frustrations and all-out brawls can hinder creativity and hamper your energy for work.  How can you manage the challenges of a home business while surviving a troubled relationship?  Read on to learn a few tips for making it work.  Give it Time  Time […]

Home Based Business Ideas for Men

Home Based Business Ideas for Men

Home based business ideas are everywhere, but when you research them online, you will find a lot of them are geared towards women. Direct sales companies are all geared towards stay at home moms. What if you’re a man who wants to start a home based business? What are your options?  Be an Insurance Agent Assuming you are not a man who wants to sell stuff your own teddy bears at the next mom luncheon, […]

6 Fun Team Building Games To Enhance Business Skills

Team doing their best to get the ball inside a plastic cup

Team building activities are essential in the workplace. Not only do these promote fun and camaraderie amongst team members, these also enhance their business skills. If you are planning to have a team building event with your peers soon, here are some great team building games to help them improve their communication and problem-solving skills:    1. Two Truths and a Lie  You can start out by having every team member secretly write down two […]

5 Things Business Owners Must Do to Achieve Phenomenal Success

Stairway to success and things that a business has to go through

Success in business entails excellent planning and organizational skills. Many individuals go into business without fully knowing the things needed to grow successful companies. Their lack of knowledge primes for them to fail in the end, as earning money is not as easy as they mostly think.  Here are the things you need to know to grow a well-respected empire:  1. Organisation is the key.  To be successful in business, you need to be organised. […]

5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

Words that get you traffic to your website

If you are not generating traffic, you need to look at whether you are posting high quality content or any content at all.. A strong online presence requires you to have content that would drive traffic to your site.  Website traffic is essential if you want people to know and get familiar with the products and services that you can offer for them. It is the key to gain more sales and attention for your […]