Introducing a blog helps your clients to understand your brand better and increase traffic to your website. Regularly updating it may be a hassle, but writing content that you understand well, experienced first-hand, enjoy, and possibly help clients can be fulfilling and it helps increase your clients’ trust.  You do not even need to know coding now that there are several easy-to-use platforms like WordPress, that makes posting as simple as clicking a button… Before you start pouring all those creative juices, here are some blogging mistakes you need to avoid: 

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1. Not Identifying Clear Objectives 

Before writing your blog post, you must identify the objectives of your blog. Does your blog post want to answer a specific question? Do you want the post to be experience driven, opinionated, or informative? There are a number of goals you can set for each blog post you can set, but ultimately, you want it to be informative, helpful, and insightful that are aligned to your business’ niche. As much as we want our blogs to produce good results, it is not an instantaneous thing. A blog is a long-term investment as potential clients might just suddenly come across your post, read them, and get interested in your creativity or business.   

2. Strange Layout and Design 

Trying to be too unique or having over exaggerated designs can be more of a minus than a plus. You may write the most valuable message on your blog, but if your design and layout are badly executed, then it will only attract unwanted criticisms and you might lose some of your readers. Blogs are intended to be read and that means you must put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what propels them to read your content. The design and layout make a big impact because these are two important components that make your blog catchy and easy to read. There are many blogs that carry a simple and straightforward look. You can do the same, or you can also opt for a customized design by hiring a web designer to take care of your branding. 

3. Not Value Adding to your Niche 

 It is good to let your creativity take hold of your content but remember to add value in your posts. These may be in the form of information, insights, reviews, advice, personal experience, etc. It is taboo to try and destroy the image of another person, company, or product using your blog, although opinions are acceptable, try to aim for creative criticisms to better improve the product, services, or person. This becomes good information on the flaws and possible improvement of their respective subjects. 

4. Losing the Point 

Do not confuse your readers by writing about irrelevant topics. Make sure you are focused on your niche and your objectives. The message and voice must be consistent, and your content must provide value for your readers. Keep in mind the reason why you or your business started writing a blog in the first place. Though it is good to experiment with different writing styles, to see which one would be more productive, engaging, and better overall, don’t forget that your goal is to give accurate and helpful information. 

5. Not Monitoring Comments 

If you are not monitoring comments regularly, you will not be able to respond to your readers in a timely manner. Make sure to monitor comments and establish valuable discussions between you and your readers. Not only will you be able to help them, but you will also see great results in your search rankings. It’s also one of the best ways to see how engaging your content is and possibly your clients would suggest newer discussions and topics that you can expand on. Replying to comments and concerns will also help boost your credibility and increase the potential of having your blog shared on other mediums thus increasing new potential clients.  

A business blog is a great medium for you to reach out to your customers and offer them the guidance, clarification, and just be able to connect with your clients and readers… By consistently publishing valuable content that your readers love and enjoy, you can make worthwhile connections. 

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