Getting the chance to work alongside our pets can be a dream. As long as you can disregard their tendencies to throw a fit – Constant barking, attention seeking gestures, and running around until they trip on your computer’s wires. Although it’s such a stress reliever coming back home and finding out that your pet dog has been eagerly waiting for you to come back or the shock of finding out that they destroyed your house instead and gave you additional work to do, it is still sometimes better if we could bring them with us at work so we could worry less. Here are some benefits of having pets come along with us to work. 

1. Everyone Loves Pets! 

2 people are playing with the cat in their office

There are only a few people who generally don’t like pets, but most people do. Be it an office accessory, or a way to stand out from colleagues, employees tend to show off their pets for various reasons. But naturally, people would become elated just to pet a dog even while working on some of the toughest projects that they’ve handled. Customers would have a positive view of a company allowing pets in the workplace more so if they are able to interact with them. 

2. Higher Employee Retention and Less Absences 

Keeping a low employee turnover is harder than how it sounds. People stay in a company for various reasons, but it is evident that employees need to be happy. Having their pets around increases the overall happiness of the employees and they have lesser chances to be absent because of pet related issues. 

3. Increases Mood, Motivation, and Productivity 

That cute smile is all it takes to make you forget your frustrations. The funny ways how our pets act and express themselves are enough to dispel all of our pent up stress. Seeing our pets help release Serotonin, the happy hormone, in our bodies that lighten our moods. Big companies such as Google and Amazon allow their employees to bring in their pets and also have exclusive areas for pets to play and run around on. These companies have attributed a significant boost to productivity from employees who brought in their pets. 

4. Decreases Anxiety of Leaving them Alone at Home 

Black and white cocker spaniel puppy sadly looking up feeling lonely

Look at those puppy eyes! It always saddens pet owners to leave their pets at home while they go to work. They carry these emotions to work and would become less productive throughout the day. There are also those who set up webcams or CCTVs so that they can monitor their pets while they’re at work, only to find that they’ve been howling non-stop, keep on moving around looking for them, or even destroying the house. It’s a big load off of their minds if they are allowed to bring them to work. 

5. Reminds You Not to Neglect Taking Breaks 

Having our pets close by reminds us to take breaks seriously. Having worked on something for hours and disregarding lunch to finish it is not a good practice and only helps build stress. Taking your pet on a 30 minute walk and getting your mind off of work for a few minutes helps reduce stress and allows you to relax and be ready to tackle challenges again. 

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