The competition is getting more challenging every day. The market gets congested daily as start-up companies keep on popping up non-stop all around the globe. In order for you to keep up with the pace and not lose your place, it is important to know how to boost your sales and keep your clients happy. How can you increase sales? Here are 5 tips that could get your products or services get more sales.  

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1. Promote one product/service at a time 

Pitch just one product/service at a time. If you blast too many products or services to a prospective customer, you may scare him off with too many choices at once and end up confused. If this happens, chances are you will lose the sale. If you have more than one product or service that might help your customer, incorporate them gradually and allow them to choose what suits them. 

This goes the same when presenting features and benefits to your customers. Make sure to not bombard them with features and benefits in one sitting. Give them time to absorb and ask questions.  

2. Emphasize your unique features 

If you have not already highlighted what makes you different from your competitors, then do it now! When you are working with new or current clients you should be allowing them to know why you should be the best option for them and what sets you aside from the other companies in your market. 

3. Give actual figures 

Most individuals give prospective customers generalised numbers when trying to offer an item. Support your information with real figures. Be specific.  If your item has been known to improve efficiency by 15%, let them know the real number instead of just informing them it improves efficiency. 

Prepare your references. Make a presentation if needed or keep a portfolio ready for your customers to look at. Nothing beats facts and figures especially if your customer is detail oriented. 

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4. Don’t underestimate the power of personal touch 

Talk WITH prospective clients, not AT them. Recognise their needs and provide long-term solutions. Many businesses fail to communicate to their customers once the sale is completed. This simply gives a lesser chance for a sale to a repeat client. Make follow-ups to see whether your customer has carried on with your product successfully. Offer assistance in setting them up and in getting them started. Ask for any reviews regarding the item they purchased. If your clients are satisfied with your work, they will tell other people and will help improve sales. A good sale is only as good as it’s after sales support. 

5. Make an effort to know your clients 

The easiest way to highlight your products/services features is to know your customer well. Knowing what makes them tick will let you target their soft spot thus, will get their attention when you present your sales pitch. 

Each prospective client has different needs. It would be nice to keep relevant information through a database or a CRM to ensure you have all the information you need from each of them. When you know your prospects better, you get a better understanding of the solutions that they need the most. This puts you in the perfect situation to offer a product or service that suits them best.  

Knowing what keeps them awake at night, where they hang out, what their problem is, will definitely give you a complete idea of what they long for. If you know what your customers’ problems are, you will know that you do have the solution to their problems and in addition, you will know how to position your resolution in a manner that your customers cannot resist. 

Tell your story, be honest and over deliver on your products or service. If you have some personal experience with using the products, it’s good to highlight them to your customers. That way explaining will be easier and you can personally point out  what you like about the product. Ask repeat customers what they like about the products or services or what they found to be lacking; you can then find solutions or endorse other possible products that would be better suited to their needs. While some customers tend to be shy around shop owners/workers and some also get irritated, greeting them will not only let them be less wary but can also brighten their day. Over delivering doesn’t always mean pushing for hard selling products or services, but simply being there to help and assist customers to have a better shopping experience. 

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