Everybody needs to work. Work is a way for us to earn money that we need to buy resources. Each of us view work differently from one another, that’s why there is not one definite meaning to the word work. While it is true that it is the conversion of time, effort, and knowledge to monetary or something of equal value, they are not proportional to each other. You may put a lot of time and effort but you might still gain something smaller than someone who only put in a bit of effort but with vast knowledge. The deciding factor for why people stay with their jobs is because the amount that they are earning, though that isn’t always the case. Oftentimes, happiness plays a vital role in it and goes beyond monetary gains. The sense of fulfillment in working with something we love makes our effort and time feel worthwhile and fulfilling. Everyone wants to work with what they love, that they don’t feel like it’s work or that it’s a chore to do.

Some examples of working with what we love are: 


Young lady who finds happiness in gardening is loving what she does

People love what they love. People enjoy doing what they love and it gives them fulfillment doing them. The evolution of technology made it even more convenient for people to pursue the things they love to do. People who love going on adventures, exploring the world, and tasting new cuisines can now enjoy both doing them while earning. They become vloggers  and through their eyes, others can indulge and feel that they are part of their adventures as well; seeing new sights and learning new things. People who are competitive and love games join eSports teams. It is now considered as a sport and just like sports, they contend in different contests and receive funding from sponsors and prizes. 


We are called to action. There are people who are lost, that they don’t know what to do in their lives. Everything would seem pointless and hold no purpose until they encounter something that adds spark in their lives. They would sometimes be uncertain of their decisions, if it would only be a spur of the moment thing or not. After a while, it would become evident that it is something what their hearts have been looking for all along. Only a few are really called to act, but everyone who heard the call would, one way or another, be drawn to it. 


Sometimes going with the flow helps us discover ourselves. The ideals that each person carries, push them towards success. We found what we wanted to do in our lives, be it to protect our loved ones, to save humanity, to discover uncharted territories, we would dedicate even our whole life to attain it. These purposes may change slightly over the course of time, but it still will be what you desire to achieve. 

We may not be able to fully grasp what we want yet, but it is certain that we are more than how we perceive ourselves. Take some time to clear your mind and enjoy life, you will discover what you really want, what makes you feel alive. Until then, make small goals that you are able to fulfill and you will slowly realize what it is that makes you happy. 

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