Thanks to the ginormous power of the Internet today, finding webinars on any topic has now become possible. But still, you have you to work hard enough to find the best webinar content provider for you so that promoting it in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or even your blog would be accessible for you to do.

Even if you’re not directly providing the webinar content, it is still highly recommended that you use such a service. GoToWebinar is an excellent place to go for webinar content because:

Benefits of webinar content

Businesswomen working on a laptop in the office
Businesswomen using laptop in the office

They are the ultimate device for content delivery. Since face-to-face selling online is not possible, the closest way you can do that is through the use of webinar content. This way, your audience will get to hear from you and see the benefits of the products/services you are offering.

They’re better than email. Internet audiences who actively engage in social media become more open to signing up to webinars rather than subscribe to emails because they want to learn more but with an actual person involved.

They make promotion easy for you. Even if you’re just a startup, you can easily promote your brand through webinars. Get it shared by your friends through retweets and other means of sharing, and you can generate a good number of registrants on your side.

So what makes the information you’re going to read here different from all the generic ones you might find available on the Internet?

Here’s the secret, out of more than 40 tactics to monetize through social media, we brought down the best ten together that won’t be shunned away by people. Now, you will have a chance to be more successful with your efforts to monetize through social media. And you won’t have to find yourself frustrated if you fail.

The sales pitch should be wrapped in content.

Leverage Your Sales Pitch

There’s one significant rule when it comes to sending your sales pitches to your social media lists: never – with the emphasis on NEVER – send your pitch without wrapping it in content.

That is, your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and other similar social lists of friends should not receive tweets or share to squeeze pages or sales letters. Instead, you should show them that you care by sending in reviews, webinars, videos, or free trial offerings.

Some Things that You Should Know about Webinar Content

#1 Method: Pre-Affiliate videos

If you’re not aware of how to do pre-affiliate videos or content, providing even a simple answer for a commonly asked question is of the best and easiest way to do it. What I did is record a 4-5 minute video, embedded it over on my blog, retweeted my blog, linked it to my Facebook profile, and ended up with over 2500 views.

Pretty neat, right?

What’s even better is that you can include your affiliate link under the video. You can also make its Google indexing even faster by naming your blog post with the same name as your video.

#2 Method: Micro-Review Sites

There are more essential review sites out there but why should you stick with micro-ones? It’s because you can make easy money even when the readers do not buy your products. How? Affiliate checks from competitors can quickly pay the bills for you. But what makes social media even better is that it’s free and doesn’t require you to pay any traffic bill. By posting your reviews on Facebook or Twitter, you can easily make between $20 to $100.

For more extra income, you can always add some ads from Google Adsense to your review pages. You may use the search box to see who are those people who are looking for a review and send them yours and voila! There’s another source of free money for you.

#3 Method: Webinars and Teleseminars

You already know that webinars and teleseminars are one of the best ways to deliver great content. It’s also the most excellent platform you can use to sell online. On the other hand, offering your services or selling a product is not necessary for you to host a webinar or teleseminar.

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