The recent advancement in technology led to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are able to perform both simple and complex actions and calculations if given the correct functionality. It’s used in social media a lot, from suggesting content that you might like to watch or read, to offering you a list of probable friends that you might know. Social media today is mostly governed by AI to help users have a better experience with using them. 

Automation and Chatbots

Whether it be showing us content that we like, or giving us the correct location we are in at the moment you’re posting, it makes our lives easier. A more specific example of artificial intelligence working for you, is that they automate your chats. Many Chat is one such program that automates your Facebook Messenger replies. It will allow your business page to respond to customers even without you needing to directly interact with them. It’s also possible to identify which ads you have created are doing well and which aren’t, which helps a business owner to understand their target market better and have a clearer understanding of which ads work for different demographics. There are even ads that write themselves for you, but be warned that AI is not omnipotent and can only do so much depending on the user.

Social Listening

Having an idea of what people say about your brand helps you address concerns and improve their experience. With social listening, it’s easier to track down the scale of how people see your brand as well as discover new emerging trends and new target audiences. Partnered up with Sentiment Analysis, it becomes easier to know both positive and negative feedback from customers who talk about your brand on social media. Sentiment Analysis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), it is a machine learning tool that identifies keywords from texts and identifies them as positive or negative. Examples of such tools are HootSuite and HubSpot. These tools are free but have limited features unless you pay a monthly or annual fee, then you’ll be able to access all of its features.

Face Recognition

Ever wonder who the person is beside you? Facial recognition does that job for you by suggesting people who are most likely the ones on a picture. How is it useful? Well it’s now easier to connect with people you might have forgotten the names of. For example you went to a networking meet up, and found a group of like minded people. You were able to be friendly with them, snapped a picture or two, then forgot their names. By uploading it to social media, the AI will suggest people who might be the person you were with. It also makes tagging easier as the suggestions are quite accurate. Both Instagram and Facebook already have this integrated in their system and can easily be noticed when you upload an image.

The introduction of AI to social media makes it easier to use and makes content more personalized. It also made social media marketing much more lucrative and greater reach to more target audiences. The best is yet to come as more development and enhancement are still being researched for easier and better use.

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