The wide expanse of the internet has been providing an ever growing job sector even in today’s harsh economy – home businesses.  Many people turn to the internet every day for all sorts of things, free home business ideas to name one. Some want to supplement their income in hopes of saving enough for retirement, college, or to just have more spending money for vacations. Others, to begin a new career they can feel passionate about. No matter why you are considering this lucrative field, you are looking for possible ways to increase your income. How does a free home business sound? This probably sounds too good to be true, but read on for three free home business ideas you can easily get into.

1. Design to Impress.

Female graphic artist working at home and thinking of new ideas

Do you have that creative talent that you want to satisfy? A number of clients, be it individuals or companies, often outsource talent such as logo designing, photo editing, and video editing to name a few. There are countless contests as well that pit artists for a specific design. The competition is fierce and might just be your playground if you’re competitive by nature.

2. Get Paid to Write Articles.

Utilize the knowledge you have on virtually any subject you have mastery on. Article writing appeals to many people for its broadness and flexibility. You can write from anywhere, anytime, and just about on any subject. To really make this business work for you, you will need to amass knowledge on specific areas. You do need to invest time in reading other articles and other subject matter with the goal of adding valuable information to the community. Article writing is flexible in a way that it’s easy to make a blog just about anything. As it is catered to writing informally, any and all subject matters are acceptable as long as it’s inclined to your niche.

3. Put those Affiliate Links Up!

Advertising by placing links to articles, store items, or even videos on your website or blog gives you commission depending on the number of clicks. But be careful! If your readers think that most of those links are just clickbait (false advertisement) or if they occupy most of the page, you will lose a lot of your readers. Affiliate marketing is mostly a passive income generating option, although it doesn’t get you much, as long as you have a lot of readers or the products you are mainly advertising are fairly popular, you should be able to net a good constant flow of extra income.

These ideas cost nothing to start, but do provide with good extra income.  It’s flexible enough to do in your free time and won’t be a constraint to your day job and other responsibilities. Whether you make it as a career change or just to earn a bit on the side, home businesses are lucrative and not all need capital to start. It just needs some patience, perseverance, and hard work. It’s also a plus if you do enjoy these kinds of things.

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