How Do We Perceive Failure?

We always look at failure as something negative

Results are everything. We can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of people who only think and look at results. Sometimes it irks us to no end to meet and know that people close to us are like this even though we are, at times, like them as well. It has been ingrained in us that there is nothing good in failure, that failure is the end. Successful business executives think otherwise though.  […]

6 Easy Ways to Gain A Positive Business Mindset

Writing the words "Stay Positive" on a note pinned on the bulletin board

Starting a business, be it as a new business owner, a new branch, or a new business venture is always a daunting task. Plans don’t always go the way they are supposed to and miscalculated predictions are only some of the problems you may encounter, but in business, we know that having a good disposition and adapting to the situation will bring you closer to your goals. Running a business is harder than starting one and […]

3 Simple Keys to Self-Motivation

Group of friends motivating each other to reach a higher goal

Most people who haven’t started working yet or have been, unemployed for a long time, or in dire need of money are always the ones who are excited with the prospects of working or simply just having a stable source of income. Arriving at interviews earlier to set a good first impression, dressed to impress, and hours of practicing in front of a mirror are only a few examples to land that job that you’ve been searching for. When […]